#BarryPoint #ORFire 8/14 Morning Update ^jp

A public meeting will be held at Lakeview High School Gym Wednesday 8/15/12 at 7:00.PM.

Special note: The meeting scheduled for Tuesday night is for landowners and grazing permitees only to help meet specific needs and question about fire suppression activity near or on their lands. It is not a fire briefing for the general public. All other people are welcome to attend the Wednesday public meeting noted in above in bold type.

Smoke will continue to be a problem in the Lakeview valley and south into California as northwest winds continue over the next couple of days.

The fire continued to push to the south and east Monday, crossing into California in the area of Muldoon Mt. last night. The portion south of the border grew approximately 4000 acres and moved 3.5 miles south of the border. This has caused a Level 3 Evacuation Notice in the area north of Beaver Dam road.

On the west side of the fire and north end of Yocum Valley, the fire crossed the established fire line covering about 150 acres before being caught.

The fire is burning actively south of FS 4017 on the eastern perimeter. Crews worked Monday to complete contingency line 1-1 ½ miles south of the eastern perimeter of the fire. A small controlled burnout was conducted Monday night; when conditions are favorable fire fighters will ,conduct further controlled burnouts (controlled burning of fuels between fire line and the fire eliminating fuels in front of the fire) to stop the fires spread to the east onto private land. This fire activity may be viewed from Lakeview and considerable smoke will be generated.

Residence of the Lakeview area will continue to see smoke. Residence to the south of the fire can expect to see smoke late Monday evening and Tuesday morning as winds shift to south.

We are also posting to these social media sites:
Inciweb: http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3105/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BarryPointOrFire
Twitter: www.twitter.com/barrypointfire
Blog: www.Barrypointorfire.wordpress.com

Emergency Response Personnel Ask For Your Cooperation:
Entry into closed area near the fire not only endangers your safety but also the safety of the firefighters and Emergency Response Personnel.

Due to the potential for extreme fire behavior and the need to provide for firefighter and public safety, the Fremont – Winema National Forest has put into in place a FIRE AREA CLOSURE and the County Sheriff’s of Lake County, Or. and Modoc County, Ca. have Evacuation Orders posted. Please refer to Inciweb.org for complete information.

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2 Responses to #BarryPoint #ORFire 8/14 Morning Update ^jp

  1. NC Albertson says:

    It’s nice to know the name of our valley have changed from Goose Lake Valley to Lakeview Valley and that our houses (residences) were notified but not the occupants (residents)!

  2. We are so sorry we missed that typo! We’re kinda tired and it just slipped through. The Lakeview Valley reference was up in Oregon not down near Goose Lake. Sorry for the confusion. We’ll be sure to add states next time.

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