#BarryPoint #ORFire #CAFire 8/16 Morning Update ^MRH

A public meeting is being arranged for Friday evening in Alturas. More information will follow when final arrangements are made.

News & Events for the Barry Point Fire:       

  • Hot temperatures, low relative humidity, unstable air and exceedingly dry fuels continue to contribute to large fire growth.
  • The east side of the fire was very active Wednesday night and pushed the fire to the floor of the valley near Westside.
  • Two additional homes were placed in Level 3 Evacuation status last night west of the Westside Road. Structure protection engines responded burnouts were completed and the protection efforts were successful.
  • Burnout operations on the northeast corner of the fire from Forest Road 4020 north to the Dog Lake Road were completed yesterday. This should allow firefighters to finish securing the northeast corner of the fire in the areas near Drews Reservoir.
  • The fire has moved past Crowder Flat Guard Station and Willow Creek Ranch in Modoc County. Structures at the guard station, the ranch and the historic Beaver Dam Cabin were saved thanks to dozer line and water drops that were done on Monday.
  • The fire moved to the south past Modoc National Forest Road 73 and burned down to Fletcher Creek. It held there last night and is expected to continue to expand to the south today.

Barry Point Fire: Firefighters have made very good progress on the north and northwest flanks of the fire. Those areas will now be in patrol status; the southern flank will continue to challenge firefighters due to rugged terrain and active fire behavior but a significant number of resources have been moved to the south end as firefighters work to contain the southern end. The fire line on the northwest side of the fire is completed and mopped up and will be in patrol mode. Crews and dozers were reassigned to the eastern, southeastern and southwestern areas of the fire. They are working to complete fire line along the east and west flanks of the fire.

The Level 3 evacuation at Drew’s Lake and the Level 1 on the south side of Highway 140 from Drews Gap to Andy Hill Road and down the west side of the Westside Road will remain in place through the weekend until firefighters are sure the fireline will hold through expected southwest winds.         

Evacuations: A Level 3 evacuation remains in place on the south end of Drews Reservoir and the west shore of Goose Lake from the California-Oregon border south to Forest Road 73. A Level 1 evacuation remains from the south side of Oregon Highway 140 at Drew’s Gap west of Lakeview then west of Andy Hill Road headed south and continuing south on the west side of the Westside Road in Lake County to the Oregon-California border. Two of the residences west of the Westside Road in the Lakeview Valley were upgraded from a Level 1 to a Level 3 evacuation Wednesday night.

Closures: All Forest Service lands, recreation sites, roads and trails on the Fremont-Winema National Forest from; the junction of Andy Hill Road and Oregon State Highway 140 south to Water Users Lane to Diamond Road; then south on Diamond Road to its junction with Westside Road; then south on Westside Road to the Oregon/California state line; then west along the Oregon/California state line to Forest Service Road (FSR) 4808; then north on FSR 4808 to its junction with FSR 4017; then west on FSR 4017 to its junction with FSR 3940; then north on FSR 3940 to its junction with FSR 4026; then north on FSR 4026 to its junction with FSR 3752; then north on FSR 3752 to its junction with FSR 3924; then northeast on FSR 3924 to its junction with FSR3940; then north and east on FSR 3940 to its junction with Oregon State Highway in Drews Valley; then east on Oregon State Highway 140 to the point of beginning at the junction of Oregon State Highway 140 and Andy Hill Road. Portions or all of the following National Forest System roads that delineate this area closure are also closed to the public. These roads are FSR 4808, 4017, 3940, 4026, 3752, 3924, and 3940.


Cause: lightning
Location: Began 22 miles west of Lakeview, OR.
Acres: 79,000 (The fire acreage was reported last night as 84,684 acres. The change is due to more accurate mapping from an overnight infrared flight.)
% Contained: 30%
Resources:   A total of 1347 personnel assigned to the fire, including 4 hotshot crews, 29 hand crews, 5 assigned helicopters, 86 engines, 12 dozers and 30 water tenders.

SAFETY CONCERNS:  Heat exhaustion associated illness, smoke and poor visibility, narrow dirt roads and firefighter fatigue.

RESOURCE CONCERNS: cultural resources

WEATHER:  Thursday will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Highs will be somewhat cooler from 85 to 89 and the minimum relative humidity will increase from 15 to 20%. Light wind will become north to west between 3 and 9 mph later in the afternoon.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: Fire Weather Watch Friday through Saturday for Thunderstorms………

Tonight: Partly cloudy with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. Lows from 54-59. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph becoming northeast. Winds could be gusty in the vicinity of the thunderstorms.

Friday: Partly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon and overnight. Highs 85 to 89. Northeast wind 3 to 6 mph becoming southwest 4 to 8 mph.

Saturday: Partly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs 82 to 87. Gusty south to southwest winds from 7 to 15 mph.

TODAY’S EXPECTED FIRE BEHAVIOR: Critically dry fuels, high temperatures and rugged terrain continue to create potential for large fire growth.

COOPERATING AGENCIES & PARTNERS: Fremont-Winema and Modoc National Forests, Oregon Department of Forestry, Lake County Sheriff, Lakeview Police Department, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service.

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